Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We Need Bands

Hey if you know of any bands that would like to compete on Z Talent Show please have them drop me a line. So far we only have 2 bands for next months battle.

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  1. Hello Zob,
    Thank you for inviting my band Eagles In Flight to compete in your Z Talent Show.

    Yes, I am interested in participating in the online battle you are organizing for next month. Please send me all the details, so we may prepare for your event. In April we finished recording our first C.D. in a state of the arts studio named "In Your Ear", the only Dolby Certified studio in America, located in Richmond, VA. We are releasing our C.D. this month and this online event may help to promote our marketing of the C.D. and our band.

    I am the band director, lead singer and songwriter for Eagles In Flight, which I founded in 1997. We have performed hundreds on concerts over the past 12 years and we look forward to concert events this year to promote our new C.D.

    Please send all details as to how we may proceed with our entry for your talent show.

    I appreciate your offer.

    Glyn Hall, BMI
    Eagles In Flight
    Post Office Box 73203
    Richmond, Virginia 23235
    Phone: (804) 878-8694