Thursday, March 19, 2009

Join Z Talent Show

Z Talent Show
Z Talent Show is your basic talent show except that viewers get to pick the winners. Acts will be posted and displayed for one month. During that time viewers will get to compare each catagory and pick their favorite act. At the end of the voting period the strongest or one with the most votes survives and the others are cast to the wayside. The act that survivies will take on a whole new barrage of challengers to see who is Z-Best. Z Talent Show will have 3 classes that will include music, modeling, and comedy. So, don't just sit there. PIick up that guitar and talk to me.
The music portion of Z Talent Show will be open to bands and individiuals that perform all types of music. In the case that we might recieve enough acts we might break this down into sub-catagories by genre. The person sending in the music sample must be the owner of that material. Don't just send in your favorite band without permission. The email for submissions is on the side of this page. So get to jammin and let us hear what you've got.
The modeling portion of Z Talent Show will be based on still pictures and works the same way as the music portion. Fans will vote for their favorite and the favorite of the month moves on. Again based on the amount of participants we have we will determine the number of catagories needed. Due to our agreement with blogspot NO nude pictures will be posted - even if they are in good taste. Boegley Down Productions' staff will have final say on any and all pictures submitted.
The Comedy portion of Z talent Show will consist of short 3 to 5 minute skits based on the artists' talents. Any video sent to us longer then that will either have to be cut down or discarded. Again, as to our agreement with blogspot the acts must be kept clean. No vulger launguage, nudity or violence will make it's way onto the site. As mentioned before, Beogley Down Productions' staff will have final say on what is posted on our site.
Sending in your videos or pictures is considered consent for us to post them. You may pass out the website to your friends, famliy, and fans and they can vote for you once a day if they so desire. So come on now don't be shy get out those microphones, cameras, and swimsuits and let's get Z Talent Show started.

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