Friday, August 7, 2009

Really skinny models..l. Yuck for me!

I don't want to see this

I must say I am glad we are getting away from the supper skinny models. I have never found them attractive nor do I think they should be models. They represent a dangerous outlook for our young women in society. Our male models always look healthy and muscular and yet some of our female models look sick and deprived. Does this make any sense? I want to fantasise about a sexy healthy women not someone I think I am going to crush if I give them a hug. I don't want someone wearing a two thousand dollar dress that looks like they just found them on a deserted island that had no food. To me sexy is being healthy, I would rather see someone a little overweight modeling. Well that is my opinion and I would love to hear the opinion of others so drop me a line.

This is much Better!!!


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