Sunday, July 19, 2009

Take a Note Bands

No No No not another Stevie Ray Vaughn Song!!

I recently went to a little gathering of bands that a friend of ours had. Several bands played and did little sets. I just have one thing to say "Please learn something other then the blues" Don't get me wrong the Blues is a great form of music but when the next band gets up and plays the exact same song the previous one did, well it makes the night long. So band members listen up try to find some music that is a little off the norm. Don't play the same old songs that everyone else is playing. It makes you seem like those are easy songs, since everyone is doing them. You have to be a little different if you want to stand out. At this function seventy five percent of the bands played something by Stevie Ray Vaughn. Great musician but I am not a fan of a SRV marathon. Their are millions of songs out there I know you can find something a little different.

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